ISO Certification Services for Your Business

At JR Consultants, we provide effective and practical management systems that will help you to achieve ISO certification in a range of standards.

Our track record of success in achieving certification in ISO, OHSAS, SIA, FSC and Health and Safety means that we can guarantee your ISO certification, and provide you with simple systems for the future maintenance.

Through expert knowledge and facilitation, our team of highly experienced consultants can assist your organisation to achieve the certifications you require and lay the foundation for the future compliance with other emerging industry standards.

We provide a range of iso consultancy, training and certification services. Our consultants have successfully assisted hundreds of organisations to achieve certification to standards such as iso 9001, iso 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We can assist your organisation to achieve certification quickly and with minimal hassle and at the lowest possible cost.


Practical Consulting

The approach of our consultants follows the main philosophy of our business - Simple, Smart and Competitive consultancy services.

Streamlined - our consultants help our clients to implement systems that are as simple as possible with no unnecessary complications. When we price for consultancy work we try to work out the minimum time that we need to allocate to cover all the necessary work and this ensures our consultancy is focussed on only doing the essential things required for certification.

Avoid unnecessary complication - with iso consultancy too much consultancy time can be dangerous - it can lead to development of overly complex processes and procedures which may end up serving the purpose of the iso system rather than the business. Our approach is always to firstly make sure our clients are made aware of what the minimal requirements are so they can then decide themselves if they wish to raise the bar beyond this base level.

At all times our consultants look for the simplest, neatest way to implement something and will strive at all times to avoid creating unnecessary forms or procedures that lead to increased paperwork and provide little or no advantage to the company. We will only develop new procedures that are absolutely necessary, as defined by the standards, or if they are of benefit to your organisation.

Meeting the requirements of the standard at any cost?

Some consultants may focus a bit too closely on meeting requirements rather than on the overall picture: helping your organisation to improve processes and procedures and be more efficient.

Often the mistake we see with many DIY management systems is that they are overly complex and complicated, a good consultant should be able to create a story demonstrating how your organisation meets the requirements based around existing good practice in your organisation.

Gaps and non-conformances may be identified and simple and practical solutions developed to plug these gaps.