ISO 29990

ISO 29990:2010 Learning services for non-formal education and training

ISO 29990 is the International Standard for Learning services for non-formal education and training -- Basic requirements for service providers.

Aims also enhance transparency and allow comparison on a worldwide basis of learning services, offering a single alternative backed by international consensus to the huge variety of national service and management standards which now exists in the field of non-formal learning.

There are a multitude of LSPs offering similar programmes. However, not all of the providers are competent and effective. With the ISO 29990 certification, the transparency and comparability of the various programmes offered by the many providers are increased. ISO 29990 is not only useful for organisations looking for a reputable partner to work with, but it also imposes on LSPs to ensure their consistency in providing quality services and improving organisational effectiveness.


The standard encourages a focus on the learner and the results of the process, and emphasizes the full range of options available for delivering learning services.

As it addresses the competency of LSPs., the standard will assist organizations and individuals selecting LSPs who will meet the their requirements  and expectations for competency and capability development. In addition, it is envisaged that ISO 29990:2010 can be used to certify LSPs.


  • Improve marketability- Your business gains global visibility and public trust by showing that you are committed in ensuring the integrity and excellence of learning programmes.


  • Reduce costs -By following the standards required for ISO 29990, you eliminate redundant services from your processes and will be able to analyse and plan ahead in the ever-changing requirements of the industry. By acting swiftly, you minimise potential reputational and monetary losses.


  • Global presence- Our experts are well-equipped to apply a beneficial external view on your processes, thus minimising existing risks and enhancing your reputation within the industry.



Application for registration is made by completing the Contact Form. This provides information about your organisation so we can accurately define the scope of assessment.

Assessment to ISO 29990 is undertaken by accredited - this consists of two mandatory visits that form the Initial Certification Audit (explained below). Please note that you must be able to demonstrate that your quality management system has been fully operative for a minimum of three months and has been subject to a full cycle of internal audits.

Certification to ISO 29990 is issued by NQA and maintained through a programme of annual surveillance audits and a three yearly recertification audit.

ISO 29990 Training - We provide a range of training options to suit your needs and budget. These give you the skills to implement, audit and manage an effective quality management system.

Gap Analysis - We can undertake a gap analysis to help you determine the likely workload and timescale for implementing a quality management system that will achieve ISO 29990 certification. You can use this to plan implementation or brief a consultant. Firstly be sure to download our ISO 29990:2015 Gap Analysis to get you started.

 Consultancy – We will assign a reputable consultant to assist you with the documentation and implementation work, this servicing includes training, internal audits and assisting you with the selection of certification bodies.


With a wealth of experience providing accredited management systems consultancy, We are ideally placed to partner with you to meet customer requirements and exceed industry expectations.

Technical committees and industry relationships.

We are highly involved in a wide variety of industry committees and standards writing teams, helping us to maintain a keen awareness of changes within this industry.

Knowledge transfer supporting our customer’s organizational strategy.

We are committed to ensuring customer awareness regarding changes in industry strategy, regulations, and standard requirements that may impact your management system approach.


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